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5 easy steps for an Organized bathroom

When the whole family shares a bathroom, creating an efficient organizing system that works for the entire family is essential. I will share with you 5 easy steps for a bathroom organization that works for most people when implemented right. 


Take some time analyzing your space to identify what is working, what isn’t working, and what you would like to change. Maybe, you need to make items more accessible for kids. Perhaps, your husband needs more space, or you need to let go of some products you haven’t used in a while. A fresh pair of eyes might see things that you are probably used to. Invite a friend over, if you are comfortable, to help you during this process, or schedule a DIY virtual organizing session with us.

Empty it out

After you analyze your space, it is time to take everything out and give it a good cleaning.  While you are getting things out, start creating categories and grouping like items. Take a look at your beauty products for expiration dates and get rid of any product you don’t use anymore. Some categories you might create are hair, skin, face, kids’, daily, etc. When it comes time to clean the cabinets and drawers, you can use an all-purpose cleaner from the store or make your own.

Plan the space / Shop

Now comes the fun part! Take some measurements and, based on the size of each category, start your shopping list. There are many different materials, colors, sizes, and style containers in the market. If possible, keep your organizing supplies in just one color throughout the space for a pleasing aesthetic. I particularly like using products that are pretty, functional, and environmentally friendly.

For my bathroom update, I used some excellent quality bamboo products from, which I totally recommend if it fits your style. However, they also have many other options. Feel free to use our unique 20% off code: DIISORGANIZED.


Display your products on the shelves, drawers, and/or cabinets to make sure they fit and meet your needs. Now it is time to bring all your beauty products back to their new home, label, and enjoy your newly organized bathroom. 


Don’t forget to count on us if you need a private consultation. We can help you figure out what are the best steps to accomplish your home organizing goals. We also create a personalized shopping guide to organize that odd space, or your dream pantry. Send us an email or check out our Virtual Organizing Services

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