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DIY Bathroom Updates on a budget

A full bathroom remodeling could cost you $10k to $50k or even more depend on where you live. So, some DIY bathroom updates can make a significant difference in how you will spend your money, and still get the look and vibe you want. 

It is not news that during the pandemic, we have been spending more time in our homes. With that, some areas of our homes that have been neglected for a while are getting our attention. That was the case of our family bathroom! 

We didn’t have major issues with the bathroom. My husband even thinks the bathroom was great the way it was, but my non-stopping creative brain (when it comes to house updates, style, and organization systems) always sees any room’s full potential. I knew I could improve and give our bathroom a new vibe with simple DIY bathroom updates. 

These are the 3 phases of our family bathroom. 

Before I started the project, I created a mood board for how I wanted the bathroom to be styled. I am a fan of plants, natural materials, thrifted objects, and I am in a phase where I love green walls.

6 easy DIY bathroom updates

Calk around the bathtub

I used my steamer mop and a calking tool to remove the old calk. After the area was basically dried, and used my blow dryer to ensure there was no water left before applying it. It is a great idea to use painter’s tape to provide a clean and crispy edge since this process could be messy.


I love a fresh coat of paint! I started the process by removing most of the things from the wall and taping around what was left with painter’s tape. The next step was to fix any wall imperfection and holes with spackling, and sand it after it dried. A quick wipe of the walls with a damp cloth removes dust, spider webs, etc. The color paint I picked for this project was pure white and spicy olive by Behr, in a semi-gloss finish, since it is for the bathroom. I painted the shower’s top back wall by using just a small container of sample paint. The rest of the wall just used a half-gallon of the pure white color. The baseboard, trim, and door received a fresh coat of pure white high-gloss paint. Since the small details make a difference, I used matte black spray paint to update the door stopper and paint the screw heads for our IKEA toilet paper holder and towel bars. 

Light fixture

I disliked our bathroom light fixture since we bought the house in 2015. A new light fixture wasn’t on our budget for the first update, so I included it now. A black, modern light fixture had been on my list for a long time, so I picked it online. The new light fixture is beautiful; however, going down from 3 lights to 2 did make a difference in how bright the bathroom is. I still love it, and I am not planning on changing it any time soon.


Our tiles were also in good condition, but outdated, and it did not bring me joy. My easy DIY solution was to install some peel and stick vinyl tiles. Of course, I would have loved to have the old tiles removed and installed new ones, but since my goal was to update the room on a budget, these peel and stick tiles were perfect! I love how it looks, and it is so easy to install. All I had to do was to clean the floor and make sure it was dried before installing them. It is recommended to start installing the tiles in the middle of the room, but since the bathroom isn’t big and I didn’t want a small piece of tile by the tub, I made sure to use full squares by the bathtub. To give it a nice finished look, I used some white calk to seal the floor with the baseboard and toilet.


Now that most of the hard work is over, it is time to organize the cabinets. Even though the organization systems we have in place still work for us, it was beyond time to upgrade our dollar tree containers to some high-quality ones that match my current style. I was so happy when Honey Can Do, reached out to send me some products. The timing couldn’t be best. They gifted us some beautiful bamboo organizers, and you can read all about them and how I used them on our past blog post: 5 easy steps for an organized bathroom. Use our unique 20% off code: DIISORGANIZED to get some organizing supplies for your home.


Before you buy something new, shop around your home. Is there any decor you can repurpose, relocate, or upcycle? I am a big fan of buying second hand and thrifting when possible. Many of the items you will see in the bathroom come from other house areas or were found at a thrift store. However, when I see a statement piece that I love and know it will be essential for the room, I get it. That was the case with our new shower curtain, from Society6. I fell in love with it the minute I laid my eyes on it and knew I wasn’t going to find anything similar elsewhere. When you click on our referral link, you will get a $10 OFF for being our friend. Best of all? The $10 off code works in addition to all their promotions.

Done! That is all I did for this DIY bathroom update. Maybe next time, I will update the mirror, doorknobs and hinges, shower head and bathtub faucet set, cabinets door and knobs, etc. That is the beauty of DIY! You can see that a little bit goes a long way. Many times you don’t need much to have the house of your dreams. These small, budget-friendly updates completely transformed the look and vibe of the room. I hope you got inspired to transform a space in your home on a budget as well. 


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