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Category: Home Projects

  • Weekend makeover of a small bedroom

    Creating solutions for small spaces has been one of my expertise since most of the houses I organize for our clients are in Baltimore City. This weekend makeover of a small bedroom for boys. This setup can easily be recreated in a dorm room or any other small space when you need to make the…

  • 7 Best House plants for rowhouses

    We created the best house plants for rowhouses list after our clients asked us for our recommendations since we love incorporating them in our plans.

  • Why you need a Command Center and how I refreshed ours!

    As the name suggests, the command center is the space from where we command the family. It is where we keep track of our appointments, invitations, school paper, bills to pay, mail, grocery list, goals, to-do lists, meal plan, and much more. A monthly calendar is an essential feature of the command center. However, it…

  • DIY Bathroom Updates on a budget

    A full bathroom remodeling could cost you $10k to $50k or even more depend on where you live. So, some DIY bathroom updates can make a significant difference in how you will spend your money, and still get the look and vibe you want. 

  • 5 easy steps for an Organized bathroom

    When the whole family shares a bathroom, creating an efficient organizing system that works for the entire family is essential. I will share with you 5 easy steps for a bathroom organization that works for most people when implemented right.