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Natural Cleaning with Essential Oils

Spring is in the air, or so we hope! With that, we are already thinking about Spring Cleaning! Are you too? This year we are sharing some ideas to Spring Cleaning with more natural based cleaning options. To help us with this mission, we invited Sara Baffour to teach us about how to safely use essential oils.

Homemade cleaners

Essential oils and essential oil-based cleaners are safe, effective and affordable for cleaning your entire home. With natural cleansing properties, essential oils provide a simple yet powerful way to keep things clean.

Why use essential oils for cleaning?

One of the most appealing things about using essential oils for cleaning is that they come from natural sources. When used appropriately, essential oils can be safely used around the entire family, including babies, children, and pets. Essential oils are extracted from plant parts and carefully curated to preserve the potent properties of the oil. When you use essential oils for cleaning, you are relying on the natural chemical components found in the oil to provide cleansing and purifying power. This means a little goes a long way! Saving you both time and money.

Many of the cleaning products on the market today are full of powerful yet potentially dangerous chemicals. While these products claim to provide effective cleansing benefits, they often contain synthetic chemicals and questionable ingredients that may put your family at risk when used around the home. 

If you have small children in the home, or just want to ensure that your family isn’t being exposed to unnecessary toxins and chemicals every day, essential oils provide a safe, natural solution for keeping the home clean. One of the most appealing things about using essential oils for cleaning is that they come from natural sources. 


Here are a few tried and true recipes featuring dōTERRA essential oils.

For more information, contact Sara Baffour who sells and teaches about how to safely use dōTERRA essential oils.

essential oil cleaners


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2024 edition coming soon!

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