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Get ready for virtual school with a learning caddy

Many people are getting adjusted and looking for ways to get the kids ready and organized to start the new school year remotely. If you need some ideas to organize the kids’ supplies, stay awhile. I will share with you what I included in my kids’ learning caddy. 


Let’s face it! How long do you think your kids will stay in just one place to complete their remote school work during the pandemic? We created a beautiful set up for our kids to do their school work, crafts, etc. The kids’ virtual learning space has everything they need, plus a space to keep their learning caddy, while they are not in use somewhere else.

What to include in your learning caddy

Most of the products I used to create the learning caddy were bought online, so I will share the links with you. 

Let’s start with the basics. For remote learning, the kids will need a computer/tablet/Ipad/phone. Something that they will use to connect with their teachers. In our city, kids in public schools are receiving Chromebooks through their schools. If you are using an Ipad, I would add a cover that helps the device to stand on its on.

It is good to have a set of headphones, so they can focus and concentrate, especially if you have more than one child sharing a space. For the little ones in elementary school who are learning how to write, we got touchscreen devices and a stylus pen, or crayon.

The caddy itself is made with an acrylic material and easy to carry around. Notebook, pencil, eraser, crayons, markers, color pencils, glue, ruler, scissors, pencil case, are also a great addition to the learning caddy. I also added a timer so that they can track their time reading, etc.  

Other school materials

I have a daughter starting pre-k, so other supplies we are adding to their “welcome to school” package are:

I hope I got a chance to inspire you to get your kids’ supplies organized, and maybe you won’t need to spend a good chunk of your night rounding up school supplies that always seem to take over the house. Let me know later if these tips helped you keep them organized all school year long.


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