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Creating a space for kids’ virtual learning

We started setting up the kids’ virtual learning space in July, so we would have enough time for items to be delivered, and make sure they wouldn’t sell out just like so many items have during the pandemic.

The multipurpose room in the basement was the location chosen for this set up in our home. Finding space when you live in the city, in a rowhouse, can be very challenging, but we are making the most of every area in our home, now, more than ever.


The multipurpose room serves us as a guest bedroom, home office, the playroom, and now the kid’s office. I understand that my kids (ages 6 and 4) will probably need personal space to focus from time to time, and that is fine. They have a learning caddy. They can take the caddy with them to the dining room, their bedroom, outside, or their little hearts’ desire. However, having a central space to keep everything organized is essential to me.

We already had a functional playroom that worked for us, with a toy rotation system in place, space for arts and crafts, pretend play, etc. We were just missing a virtual learning space (homework station). So, to achieve that, we had to rethink our multipurpose room dynamics and floor plan.

Let me get to the point and share our process and progress with you.


We started by moving the two taller IKEA kallax to another wall and still use them for the playroom. Since we rotate toys (you can learn my system for toy rotation here), just a small amount is in use weekly. That also helps with the cleaning up process for the kids, so they don’t get too overwhelmed.


After we cleared all the furniture from the space, it was time to cover the holes on the walls and start painting. We used some leftover ultra pure white paint, in eggshell, by Behr as a base. I love the power of a fresh coat of paint! Green has been the color of the moment for me, and I knew I wanted to get some pop of green in this space. So I went to Home Depot to pick a color I liked, and it is called Sage Brush, by Behr. I got a sample size for just $3.94, and that is all I used to make the accent wall. I still can’t believe that =)


The base for the kids’ learning space desk is a four cube IKEA kallax that we already had in the playroom. We just had to order the drawers inserts, also from IKEA, so the kids have a place to organize their notebooks, pencil cases, etc. We added some baskets to the bottom, so they have a palace for their learning caddy to go to after using it. One other update I did on the IKEA kallax was to switch the knobs for leather knobs I had my eyes on for a long time.

My husband made the top of the desk using two very affordable pieces of 2×10 from Home Depot. He trimmed one side of the wood and glued them together. After that, it was time to sand it, seal it, and install it.


Now it is time for the even more interesting part, decorating the space. I used watercolor paper to create some letter and number posters, and just ordered some magnetic poster holders to hang them on the wall, using 3M hooks.

I finished the details by adding some corkboards, a pencil sharpener, a faux plant (since the basement has no windows), and a spinning desktop stationery organizer (similar to this one). Added the chairs and pillows, and the kids’ learning space was ready to go. It was a reasonably easy and budget-friendly update. What do you think?


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