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  • 6 Ikea products that will help you keep your classroom organized

    While classrooms are not part of my expertise, over the years, I have helped many homeschooling parents organize and set up their classrooms, organize their manipulatives, and all sorts of materials.  Parents and educators often want to invest in good quality, budget-friendly items that can be used by different kids multiple times a day. That…

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  • Masks bags for kids

    Have you ever thought about creating masks bags for kids? With the kids going back to in-person school next week, I figured they would need extra masks to change throughout the day (especially after recess). 

  • 5 easy steps for an Organized bathroom

    When the whole family shares a bathroom, creating an efficient organizing system that works for the entire family is essential. I will share with you 5 easy steps for a bathroom organization that works for most people when implemented right. 

  • Get ready for virtual school with a learning caddy

    Many people are getting adjusted and looking for ways to get the kids ready and organized to start the new school year remotely. If you need some ideas to organize the kids’ supplies, stay awhile. I will share with you what I included in my kids’ learning caddy. 

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  • Organized and Safe Makeup

    Today we will tackle your beauty products. We will help you to create an organized and safe makeup for you. I am curious to learn, when was the last time you checked your makeup expiration day? How about your skincare products? Do you know how often you should keep them and where?