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6 Ikea products that will help you keep your classroom organized

While classrooms are not part of my expertise, over the years, I have helped many homeschooling parents organize and set up their classrooms, organize their manipulatives, and all sorts of materials. 

Parents and educators often want to invest in good quality, budget-friendly items that can be used by different kids multiple times a day. That is why IKEA products are every teacher’s dream. With product lines that are affordable and versatile, and they can be customized for any space.


The Ikea Kallax with eight cubbies can be used horizontally and vertically to maximize your space. They can be used under the windows or on a corner to store books on the shelves or in crates, individual materials for each child by adding magazine holders, etc.  


A classroom pegboard is versatile and can be customized to fit your needs. I suggest installing it near the teacher’s desk to store personal items they need easy access, such as sticky notes, pens, pencils, headphones, etc. 

Storage Rail

The Sunnersta rail is an excellent addition to your bulletin board to hold the months, days of the week, numbers signs, sight words, etc. You can also use it near the whiteboard to hold dry eraser markers, erasers, etc.

Mini Chest 

The Pallra set of three drawers is perfect for storing extra pencils, pens, markers, crayons, erasers, glue, dry erase, sharpies, highlighters, etc. We love the color and the sophisticated look of it.

Letter tray

Having homework, copies of activities, weekly newsletters, and all the other essential papers handy and ready to go will be easier with the help of the KVISSLE. You can even use one tray per day of the week if that works better for your system.

Box with lid

Categorize group materials by table number, color, or name, and have it ready for the kids to use. The Samla boxes are also handy for holding math manipulatives and craft supplies. Just add beautiful labels, and you are all set.

Do you have a favorite IKEA product to organize your classroom? Share it with us in the comments.


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