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Why is a garage a more overwhelming space to declutter?

Garages are generally a more overwhelming space to declutter because most people use them as their storage room. We usually keep seasonal decorations, memorabilia, bikes, sports equipment, tools, etc., not even to mention the items we don’t want anymore in the house. Still, we are not ready to let them go. All that combined, plus the need to park a car in it, can generate a lot of clutter.

The best way to tackle a garage organization (on your own) is to pick a weekend when the weather is nice, and you can get your belongings out to sort them and take recycling, donations, and trash out.

Start purging and sorting on a corner of the garage and move clockwise so you always know where to move next. This method will also help you stay focused and deal with the task, even if it gets overwhelming.

After you purge and sort your belongings into categories, it is time to organize everything. Try to make the most use of your vertical space with ceiling storage, hooks on the walls for the bikes, and shelves with boxes with lids to keep everything clean.

Below is a list of a few items that can make a big difference in your space and get you started.


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