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  • Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 5 – Kitchen

    Who doesn’t love a clean and organized kitchen? I am so happy that today I will help you achieve your goals to clean and organize your own space. The kitchen is the heart of the home and keeping it organized improves your health, plus saves you time and money.  

  • Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 4 – Living Room and Dining Room

    Are you ready to tackle the living room and dining room? I am back to cleaning and organizing, after a day off to celebrate Easter. These two areas are probably the most used spaces of your home, after the kitchen, so let’s focus on cleaning and creating some organizing zones. 

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  • Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 3 – Bathroom and Small closets organization

    We are almost halfway over with our week-long Spring Cleaning and Organizing Challenge. Today we will tackle the bathroom and 2 small closets (linen and coat closet). So far, this week, we have worked on the Master Bedroom and Kids’ Bedroom. How are you doing? Are you still motivated?


    Here we go! It is day 2 of our Spring Cleaning and Organizing Challenge. Yesterday we worked on the Master Bedroom. Today I will share some tips and tricks to deep clean and organize the Kids’ Bedroom. 

  • Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 1 – The Master Bedroom

    This week we are sharing our tips and tricks to deep clean and organize your home. Our first challenge is the Master Bedroom.