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How to have clean and functional fridge and freezer

You don’t need a beautiful fridge, you need it to be functional! It is time to clean and organize your fridge and freezer. When did you last set aside some time to deep clean your fridge? We recommend a light clean every week before you put away your groceries and a deep clean at least once or twice a year.

Get ready by gathering the following supplies

– Sponge or paper towel
– A bowl with warm water and vinegar
– Vanilla Extract
– Bins, Baskets, and Liner are optional (I will share my favorites below)
– 30 minutes of your valuable time =)

Start by removing everything from the refrigerator and put the items on the kitchen countertop or the table. If you anticipate this task might take you longer than 30 minutes (we know how it is to work with kids around), get the cooler to store most perishable items.

Remove the shelves and drawers. I like to clean the fridge walls with warm water and vinegar and wash the shelves and drawers with soap and warm water.

One tip I love from one of my favorite channels on YouTube, “Clean my Space,” is to rub a little bit of vanilla extract with a paper towel on the walls of the fridge. You won’t believe the aroma it will give to your fridge. Ah! Don’t worry; it won’t stain the refrigerator.

Put the shelves back and adjust the height according to your needs. An extra step at this point could be adding fridge coasters or liners to some shelves, drawers, and storage on the doors.

Before you start placing the food in your clean fridge, take the time to look for expired food, condiments, etc. If you find any expired food, it is time to toss it. Wipe down every jar and food container before returning it to your clean refrigerator.

Create zones for condiments, leftovers, cheese, sandwiches, dairy, beverages, etc. At this point, add some containers to help you stay organized. Some products we love for the fridge and freezer are:

You will be amazed at how much nicer and more functional it will look! Now you just need to repeat this process for your freezer.

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