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  • How to have clean and functional fridge and freezer

    You don’t need a beautiful fridge, you need it to be functional! It is time to clean and organize your fridge and freezer. When did you last set aside some time to deep clean your fridge? We recommend a light clean every week before you put away your groceries and a deep clean at least…

  • Create an evening routine

    Did you know that a successful day starts the night before? Establishing a bedtime routine that keeps you worry-free and well-rested can make all the difference.

  • Organize your backyard for great Summer gatherings

    It is the season for lots and lots of time outdoors. Let’s organize your backyard for great Summer gatherings! Check out the tips I gave at WBALTV 11 News, to get your backyard ready for Summer parties.  I also wrote a guest blog post for Live Abode on the same subject! I hope you enjoy…