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Category: home organization

  • How to Set Up a Virtual Learning Space for Kids

    In March, when schools closed in our area, we didn’t know what to expect, how to help the kids grow their knowledge, where to best set up their spaces so they could focus and learn, etc. With time, we all got into the new routine. We learned how to use new apps and structure our…

  • Organized and Safe Makeup

    Today we will tackle your beauty products. We will help you to create an organized and safe makeup for you. I am curious to learn, when was the last time you checked your makeup expiration day? How about your skincare products? Do you know how often you should keep them and where?

  • Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 8 – Garage and outdoor areas

    We made it! Today we are going to work in the garage and outdoor areas. I would like to thank you all for following along with the Spring Cleaning and Organizing Challenge. If it was for you, I wouldn’t have made it either. Sharing my step-by-step process with you, motivated me to get my house…

  • Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 7 – Laundry Room / Mudroom

    This week we are sharing tips and tricks to deep clean and organize your home. Today we will focus our attention and dedicate our time to clean and organize the laundry room and mudroom. 

  • Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 6 – Multipurpose Room

    I am sharing with you all my process for Spring cleaning and organizing my house. Today we tackled the multipurpose room, which means we have a big room in the basement that serves as the kids’ playroom, guest bedroom (when my family comes to visit us, from Brazil), and my home office (in the corner).…