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 5 decluttering tricks and tips experts recommend you avoid

 5 decluttering tricks and tips experts recommend you avoid

When I was approached by Livingetc on my opinion on decluttering tricks and tips to avoid, I went online to check what people are recommending these days. I was surprised when I found an article with 50 tips to get organized and others, so I picked 5 of them to share why you should avoid doing them. 

“Designate a place for the clutter to go”  

Clutter shouldn’t go anywhere! When a new item comes into your home, it is important to quickly map your mental notes of where similar items are stored and add the latest addition to the bin, box, shelf, or drawer. Creating a space or a closet to keep clutter you don’t know where to put will delay your decision, and you might fall into that trap more often than you would like. Plus, when you need that item, you might forget it is in your “clutter closet.” Just take an extra 2 minutes and find it home once and for all. (link to one touch rule).

“Enlist the help of baskets”

Seeing how many people believe a basket is a magic solution for their clutter is interesting. Clutter will always be clutter no matter where they are. The most typical thing we see when working with clients are baskets filled with collected items from the shared areas of their homes that they shoved into a basket 5 minutes before they had company. Sometimes we find those baskets or boxes years later when we organize the basement or attic storage room. 

“Make use of over-the-door pocket shoe organizers”

Don’t get me wrong, I love to utilize all the spaces available to help my clients to get organized, but a low-quality over-the-door pocket shoe organizer creates visual clutter if you use them for other purposes such as toys, dolls, tools, cleaning products, etc. If you want to use that space, invest a little bit more and get an organizer with baskets, hooks, etc.

“Keep clutter from accumulating by choosing smart storage containers” 

Clutter won’t stop accumulating just because you have a “smart storage container”. Purging constantly and making smart shopping decisions will. The mistake of hitting the store’s storage aisle and picking supplies without a plan can lead people to accumulate organizing products and still have a cluttered home. 

“Sort clutter into piles before putting them away”

When working with a client, or if you are DIYing, please don’t sort clutter. Clutter gets edited and purged; that is the first step in organizing a space. Second, decide to either keep, trash, or donate. Just then, sort the saved items into categories before storing them in their homes. 

Which mistake have you been making in your own home? Do you have other decluttering tricks and tips people should avoid, to share with us?

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