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7 organizing and styling tips for a better night of sleep – Ikea edition

I, just like you, love an IKEA edition of anything, so I decided to write about seven organizing and styling tips for a better night of sleep. After all, your bedroom should be a place to relax and recharge after a day full of activities, school, work, etc., and having clutter in your room could affect the quality of your sleep. 

As you will see in the details below, the basic spaces to organize and style your bedroom for a better night of sleep are the space under the bed, cord management, storage systems, greenery, and good-quality linens. 

If you are constantly tripping over things on the floor, your clothes are piling up in a corner, you haven’t seen the top of your nightstand for weeks, or papers on a desk remind you of work, bills to pay, chores to do, you’re not alone!

Many people need help keeping their bedrooms organized, but I tell you that with the correct products and systems in place, it will be easier for you to maintain your bedroom clutter-free and ready for a good night’s sleep. 

So, let me show you how to create your bedroom sanctuary for a good night of sleep, where you can recharge your energy with a trip to IKEA. 

Utilize the space under the bed 

Make the most of this unused space to store out-of-season clothes, shoes, linens, special occasion outfits, etc. Moving these items to a storage container under the bed will open space in your closets for what you are currently wearing and loving. 

Make hamper and hooks work for you

Avoid having clothes all over the floor and mixing dirty clothes with clothes you can use one more time by putting dirty laundry in the hamper and hanging not-so-dirty clothes.

Cable and cord management to the rescue

Another eyesore and dangerous factor in bedrooms that can be distracting are cables and power cords. Hide them in cable boxes and cable trunkings. This will also make cleaning the room so much easier. 

Be intentional by using baskets and drawer dividers 

Create systems that are easy to maintain, even when in a rush. Rehome your items to live near where you use them, so putting them away won’t take much time. If you like to use lotions and lip balm before bed, take your vitamins first thing in the morning, or even write in your journal at the end of the day, make room for those items by your bed. You can use a basket to corral the items and make them look intentional, or add drawer dividers to your drawers so your belongings have a place to go when you are not using them. 

Use larger storage containers for bigger categories 

While I am a huge supporter that toys and work shouldn’t be in bedrooms because they distract us from relaxing and sleeping, sometimes removing them entirely from the bedroom isn’t possible. In that case, use closed storage to hide them but still have it accessible when needed. 

7 organizing and styling tips for a better night of sleep - Ikea edition

Bring life to your bedroom with greenery 

Consider adding some plants to make your bedroom feel like an oasis and cozy. Live plants improve the air quality and bring the best of the outside in. If you can’t care for live plants or have pets and small children, fake greenery is an excellent second option. 

Linens make a difference in your sleep

Make your bed with clean, crispy, cozy linens. There is not better feeling than going to a well-made bed at the end of a busy day. Linens make a difference in your sleep since they can influence how your body temperature fluctuates throughout the night. 

What a transformation you can make in your bedroom and health with a few updates and a plan to get and stay organized! I hope you enjoyed it. What is the next room you would like to transform?

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7 organizing and styling tips for a better night of sleep - Ikea edition

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