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Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 4 – Living Room and Dining Room

Are you ready to tackle the living room and dining room? I am back to cleaning and organizing, after a day off to celebrate Easter. These two areas are probably the most used spaces of your home, after the kitchen, so let’s focus on cleaning and creating some organizing zones. 

Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 4 - Living Room and Dining Room

If you missed the challenge for the past 3 days, don’t worry. You can catch up on the Master bedroom, Kids’ bedroom, Bathroom and small closets organization when you have a chance.

As I said before, the living room and dining room are probably the most used spaces in your home, after the kitchen. Now that we are trapped inside, because of COVID-19, these spaces are being used all the time. For example, our dining room became a place for our home school. I cleared one space in our buffet to organize all the materials needed for the kids, so we can easily clear the space for meals.

What are the adjustments you are doing in your home to accommodate your current needs? Some common zones to create in these spaces are charging station, drink station, drop off zone, command center, pet zone, etc.

I started my daily challenge, by cleaning and decluttering the drop off zone. Things usually accumulate in this area and can create a dumping ground if you don’t stay on top of it.

Next, I dusted the bookshelves and arranged the books by color. You can organize your books by category, color, alphabetical order, etc. In the same area, I decluttered and organized our dog stuff. 

Don’t forget to clean in between the cushions of your couch or sofa. I saved some tasks to do in the Summer. Those chores were cleaning the rug, washing the curtains and the couch cover. 

In the dining room, I focused on wiping down the chairs and cleaning and organizing the buffet. Some zones to create in this area are drinking stations, and maybe school and work stations.

Below I am sharing a graphic with the most important steps for today’s challenge.

Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 4 - Living Room and Dining Room


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