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Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 3 – Bathroom and Small closets organization

We are almost halfway over with our week-long Spring Cleaning and Organizing Challenge. Today we will tackle the bathroom and 2 small closets (linen and coat closet). So far, this week, we have worked on the Master Bedroom and Kids’ Bedroom. How are you doing? Are you still motivated?

The bathroom is my least favorite space to clean. But here we go. I usually start by cleaning and organizing the cabinet above the sink. Take a look at the beauty products, for expiration dates and get rid of any product you don’t use anymore. 

Under the sink cabinet is a great place to keep some everyday cleaning products, nail care kit, extra soap, and washcloths. Remember that everybody has a different lifestyle. What is more important to you and your family to keep in this space? 

We have two small closets, in the hallway. We keep linens, bulk toiletries, and medicine in one. For linens, I usually recommend having 3 sets of towels per person and two sets per bed. The other small closet we use to store coats, throw pillows and our box of linens that we take on trips such as when we go camping. 


If you are a member of our free Facebook Group – Organize Yourself Healthy – you have probably seen the videos of how I tackled our bathroom and small closets. If you are not a member yet, come to join us!

Below I am sharing a step-by-step plan to clean and organize your bathroom.

Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 3 - Bathroom and Small closets organization

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