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Creating a Holiday Command Center

A command center can be a lifesaver! It’s a space in your home dedicated to processing and storing paper and communications. If you don’t have a command center yet, this season is a perfect time to get started.

Creating a holiday Command Center - Di is Organized - Baltimore, Maryland - Professional Organizer

Since the holidays are upon us your schedule is probably filling up y with gatherings, holiday events, practices, etc. You will need to keep track of everything and make sure you don’t double book events. You also want to focus on what it is most meaningful to you this  season, whether that is religious services, time with kids or meaningful gatherings with family and friends. 

If you already have a functioning command center, you will just need to make some adjustments for the busy season. However, if you are starting from scratch, you can follow these easy steps to set up a brand new system to keep you organized during the holidays and years to come.


Designate a space that works best for your family. It could be a wall in the kitchen, mudroom, or near the drop off zone. You can create one in a cabinet, or even on the side of your fridge. It should be in an area of high traffic where everybody can have  access to it.


Identify your needs for the area. What kind of information do you need easy access to? Some ideas are: an events calendar, meal planner, grocery list, monthly schedule, grocery list, filing system, coupons, etc. Perhaps you have space to create a charging station, a place for school papers, backpacks, and lunchboxes.


The most commonly used supplies to set up a command center are a white dry erase calendar (or chalkboard), markers, a magnetic or pinboard, and a magazine holder to file all the papers that get into your house. At this point, you can let your creativity flow and start adding details to make the space unique. You might add a family picture, your family mission statement, a motivational quote, etc. 

Make some adjustments for the holidays

  1. Create a mailing station where you can easily have access to holiday cards, envelopes, stamps, your favorite pen, etc. I suggest writing about 5 cards per day, so your handwriting is still beautiful and you have the energy to write a meaningful message. 
  2. Keep  your address book and contact information nearby. This is important because you will be sending many cards. Also, it will allow you to easily update new information from cards you receive. 
  3. Designate a place to keep  the holiday cards that arrive. How will you display them in an organized manner without creating visual clutter? 
  4. Find a place to keep all your receipts. This simple “trick” will save you a lot of time and stress if you need to return anything after the holidays.

That was easy and simple, wasn’t it? If you need more ideas on how to get organized, make sure to check out our online classes. The Organized Yourself Healthy program will launch in January 2020.

What is Organize Yourself Healthy?

Organize Yourself Healthy is an online program created by (me) Di Ter Avest, Professional Organizer and Health Advocate. My goal is to help other busy women to create a healthier, happier and more meaningful life. 

Over the years, many of my clients have asked me to create a plan to organize all aspects of their lives, not just their homes, but their schedules, their meals, their self-care, and even their social lives. 

Throughout six weeks, I provide my students with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process to help them to create routines to improve every facet of your life. 

As a working mother of two young children, I understand the challenges that women face as they try to achieve balance in their lives. 

Creating a holiday Command Center - Di is Organized - Baltimore, Maryland - Professional Organizer


Don’t forget to count on us if you need a private consultation. We can help you figure out what are the best steps to accomplish your home organizing goals. We also create a personalized shopping guide to organize that odd space or your dream pantry. Send us an email or check out our Virtual Organizing Services and Hands-on Services in Baltimore!

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