The holidays are a magical time of the year. But, oh, the clutter! Many of us start the New Year with a home cluttered with toys, a refrigerator crammed with leftovers and a desire to get healthy– if only we could find the time. 

Di Ter Avest, Baltimore Professional Organizer launches Organize Yourself Healthy Program.

Hi, I am Di Ter Avest , Baltimore organization expert. I am launching the Organize Yourself Healthy program to help women bring order to their minds, their schedules and their workout plans and even their social lives. The program will help participants create a life that will enable them to commit to healthy habits. 

Having an organized home is immensely connected to a clear mind and a healthier lifestyle. Your home should help you relax and not stress you out.

I am a mother of two young children, and I understand the pressures that working mothers face. I created the Organize Yourself Healthy program to connect women with the tools they need to build the lives they desire. Here is a sample of some of the detailed, personalized guidance that we will provide participants in this life-changing online course:

Organize your Mind

How to create a drop off zone near to the door you use the most to save you from wasting precious minutes looking for keys and phones. 

Organize your time

How your evening routine sets the tone for the following day– and gets you on track for an easy morning. 

Organize your environment

The simple way to bring order to your home and eliminate clutter– and all the stress that comes with it.  

Organize your social life

How to make sure you have time fun and personal fulfillment, despite professional and family obligations.

Organize your eating habits

How to set up a meal planning system to ensure you and your family have easy access to healthy foods and avoid the dreaded drive-through.  

Organize your health

Taking this simple step after each workout can make it easier to get to the gym next time. 

Organize Yourself Healthy will be launching this New Year’s. Registration runs from Dec. 30- Jan. 10 and classes begin Jan. 13.  

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