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My 10 favorite Ikea (Sustainable) Products

Zero waste living sounds so complicated and impossible, doesn’t it? However, there are simple steps that will lead us in the right direction. Today, I want to share with you some of my favorites sustainable products from IKEA.

What I love about these products is that they are reusable and plastic-free.

Of course, we would start by getting all the things organized — what a great alternative to plastic containers. The RABBLA boxes and RABBLA boxes with compartments come in a variety of sizes. Dress up the inside of your wardrobe or make your open storage solution more attractive. The soft fabric box with wooden bamboo lid creates a warm and natural impression. Plus, they are made with recycled polyester.

Say no to disposable paper products, especially when you are home. These rags can easily replace paper towels. The TEKLA “dish towels” are made with renewable material (cotton). They are inexpensive but with good quality, and you can use them over and over again.

Instead of recycling, think about reducing. Instead of buying bottles of water, you can use reusable ones. The KORKEN is excellent because the Tight-fitting stopper prevents leaks. It can go from your fridge to your bag, and you will be ready to go.

Use reusable, glass, or stainless steel lunch containers. The EFTERFRÅGAD keeps food or soup warm for up to 6 hours. The IKEA 365+ glass container can help you stay fit and pack lunch in advance. They are oven-safe and have a variety of lids. You can choose from bamboo, silicone, and glass. 

Eliminate plastic bags once and for all. These two bags are made with natural products, sustainable and yet stylish. I like to use the  KUNGSFORS  when I go to grocery shopping, and I pack all the produce in them. The AXELSÖ can be used on a daily bases to carry all kids related things + wallet or even pack a picnic.

There is nothing like a fresh, homemade juice; they are nutritious and delicious. I love this IKEA 365+ pitcher. It is great to store juice, tea, flavored water and is also suitable for hot drinks. With this simple change, you will stop buying the pre-packed juices and reduce plastic use.

Buy food in bulk or by weight. Stores like MOM’s Organic MarketWhole Foods, and Sprouts sell grains, spices, granola, etc. by weight. You can even bring your KORKEN jar, weigh it before you fill it up, and just pay for it. Say goodbye to overpacking. 

Last but not least, the kids most wanted: rechargeable batteries! The STORHÖGEN battery charger with storage reduces waste and saves money. This charger switches off when the batteries are fully charged so you can keep them there until you need them, with no worries about overheating. You could even hang it on the wall for out of the way storage. Don’t forget to get AAA LADA and AA LADA batteries.

I hope you enjoyed the tips! What are the small changes you are doing in your everyday life for a better and sustainable living?

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  1. Silviya Orlando Avatar

    Do you know why I read your post with so much interest? It’s all about your style. Short but informative.

    1. Di is Organized Avatar

      Thanks dear! I love going straight to the point.

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