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Get organized for the new school year

Do you dream about an organized and calm school year? By now, if you have children, everything you see or talk about is getting the kids ready to go back to school. In fact, I know many parents are counting down the days for this to happen. You may have gotten most of the supplies for the kids already, but my focus today is whether you have gotten yourself in order to back to school, or not?

I remember how much I loved going back to school, all the cool supplies my parents would get me, the smell of new text books, etc. I just loved it so much that for a long time, my dream was to own a school supply store.

As a parent and professional organizer, I am here to share with you some tips to get yourself organized for the new school year.


This is the time to get you a new, cute planner that matches your style and necessities. I prefer big planners, with a month in a glance, one page per day, with a separate space for my goals of the week kind of planner. That is because I use my planner for work and personal activities. Having everything in one place makes scheduling clients, playdates, classes, appointments, vacation, and other things much easier. Once you get your planner, look at your kids school calendar and write everything down. Do not forget the after school classes and sports. 


Sort through fall/winter clothes. Donate or pass to somebody else what no longer fits. Purging and making a realistic list before you go shopping makes a huge difference. Try to select 5 outfits for the week on Sunday night {or the night before} to save time. That also helps to reduce arguments, with your 5 year old, over what to wear or not to wear in the morning when you are in a rush. 

Fridge and Pantry

Plan your meals in advance. Meal planning saves you time and money. Stock up on non-perishable items like juice boxes, napkins, containers, snacks. Make a list of your favorite and easy meals your family loves so you don’t forget to get them when you go shopping. Set up one basket in the pantry and one in the fridge with healthy snack options. Make things easy to grab and go.

Lunch menus and schedules

Make sure whether your kids’ school offers the option to buy lunch. Take notes of the days that they offer your kids’ favorite food and don’t miss it {don’t be the one to be blamed for missing pizza day}. I recommend to put the lunch menu and activities schedules visible on the command center. You can tape the menus and schedules to the inside of your kitchen cabinet.

Command Center

Creating one is very easy. Have room for a white dry erase calendar, markers, a magnetic or pin board and a place to file all the papers that get into your house. Color code your calendar using one color for each member of the family.

Drop off zone

Create a drop off zone near to the door you use the most. Assign a basket and a couple hooks for each child to put their belongings. Library books, gloves, hats and sport gears go in the basket. Coat and backpack go on the hooks.  

Homework station

Designed a homework station and time for each child to get homework done. I am not a big fan of paper in the bedroom. I try to avoid it as much as possible. Some books are fine, but try to keep their bedroom paper free and create an environment to relax. Purchase and make homework supplies like pencil, paper, markers and crayons accessible to them.

Schedule Service Providers

Get your babysitter, house cleaner and professional organizer schedule set up in advance so you make sure you have some time for yourself to run errands, workout, enjoy quality time with your family, have a date night and relax.

Di is Organized helps busy families to get their house organized. We offer maintenance packages with monthly or quarter visits to help you stay on top of your to do list. To schedule a free in-home consultation send me an email at

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