A home recycling station is a system that should work for most families that are interested in helping the planet to be a better place for us all. The set up is easy if you have the right containers that will fit your space.

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Location – Where do you want your station to be? Some people like it hidden away, other people like it easily accessible. Our main recycling station is in our mudroom/laundry room. We chose this space because it is out of the way (since our kitchen is small) plus it is still very accessible. We do have a small can, next to the trash can, in the kitchen. Where would the station make more sense for you? Some locations could be, under the sink, in the pantry, outside your kitchen door, etc

Supplies – It is a good idea to measure the space before buying your bins. There are many options of bins out there that will fit your budget, style, and space. I particularly love these white bins from IKEA. They are durable, easy to clean and have a basic design.

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Maintenance – Now that you have your station set up, don’t forget to set reminders for when the recycling is collected in your area. If you have to take some recycling to a drop-off center, set another reminder so you can do it on a regular basis.


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