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Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 7 – Laundry Room / Mudroom

This week we are sharing tips and tricks to deep clean and organize your home. Today we will focus our attention and dedicate our time to clean and organize the laundry room and mudroom. 

Spring Cleaning Challenge - Day 7 - Laundry Room / Mudroom

I spend at least one hour per room, really getting everything clean. I like to make sure every single space is clean, from top to bottom. At this time I also do a deep decluttering of the spaces. I find that if I leave a spot of untidiness it just continues to grow and make more mess. 

When purging the belongings that are in the mudroom, pay close attention to shoes that are too worn out or are not the right size. Put away winter gear, and bring out the appropriate weather accessories for easy access. If you have kids, it is also important to always have a couple pairs of socks nearby, for when you are in a rush.   

The laundry room is another area I really enjoy organizing because it is usually a neglected space by so many people. Let’s get real, doing laundry isn’t fun, but it needs to get done. I like to create an inviting environment, so we can feel motivated to spend more time in this space. When setting up your laundry room, make sure you have a place to hang freshly dried clothes, store all the small cleaning gadgets, etc. 

If you are a member of our free Facebook Group – Organize Yourself Healthy – you have probably seen the videos of how I organized our combined space. If you are not a member yet, come to join us!

Below I am sharing a checklist so you can get inspired. Turn your music on and let’s get it done!

Spring Cleaning Challenge - Day 7 - Laundry Room / Mudroom


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