I love a DIY project and this one, using chalk paint, is very simple! A couple years ago I got a desk to use as our drop off zone by the front door. This beauty came from the second chance store, and we paid just $20 for it. My goal has always been to paint it, but you know how life is, so many things come up, so many other projects need our attention. It wasn’t just until now that I finally got it done!

Chalk Paint Furniture

The process is simple!

Step 1: Clean the table with soap, water, and a rag. Make sure the table is free of grease, dust and it is dry before starting the next step.

Processed With Darkroom

Step 2: This project with chalk paint doesn’t even require sanding the furniture. Protect the areas you don’t want to get paint on, with some painters tape. {I love painting, but I am a messy one}

Processed With Darkroom

Step 3: Go straight to painting! I used Rust-oleum Chalked ultra matte paint, in the color Linen White, from Home Depot. I applied 3 thin coats with 2 hours in between each coat.

Processed With Darkroom
Step 4: Use some low grit sandpaper to create a more natural look of used. Clean the furniture with a rag to remove all the dust from sanding.

Step 5: Apply some coats of water-based Polycrylic, in clear satin, for a beautiful finish. Let it dry for 24 hours before using it.

Processed With Darkroom

Enjoy your new good looking piece! Check out my Instagram to see how I style it!

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