I am not a fashionista by any meaning! I am probably closer to the opposite of that. My wardrobe has always been very basic and small. However, with the help of my friend Fathia Savory, and by following many wonderful local fashion bloggers on Instagram, I think I am getting better at it.

My Summer Style

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This Summer I will be adding a couple new pieces to my wardrobe. After all, I have learned that I can still look good with my post-babies body and hair. As a mom of 2, I am always on the go and moving. I like my clothes to be comfortable, easy to match {almost as a capsule wardrobe}, not too expensive {the kids get me dirty all the time} and easy to care.

I started with beautiful green print pants, from White Fox Boutique. The material is so light and cool. I saw them in the store one day when I was walking through the Avenue, in Hampden. A week later I went back to get them because I couldn’t find anything as cute anywhere else.

My top is just a basic white tank top, but have you noticed my gorgeous marble hexagon necklace from Jewel Posse? Each piece is handmade out of natural marble and has its own unique marbling detail for an individualized look.

Lastly, my basic brown sandals that go with pretty much any summer outfit. I found them at Poppy and Stella, a locally owned women’s shoe & accessories store.

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What do you think? Did we do a good job putting this look together? What are the new pieces you are adding to your wardrobe this Summer?

Photographer: April Bly  | Party Planner: Life is a Party Events
Personal Stylist: Fathia Savory

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