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Home Organization: The Master Closet

Plan your Master Closet to suit your lifestyle. Di Ter Avest, Professional Organizer helps her clients to create the best organizations systems to fit their budget, space, and decor. In this post, you will check some IKEA products she used to transform this busy mom’s closet so she can always pick her best outfits even when she is a rush to leave the house with two small kids.



Let’s get organizing!

Go through your wardrobe to select the best clothes you will keep. Focus on the ones you love and use. Most of the time people use 20% of their clothes, 80% of the time.

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Select the best products that will fit your space. When rearranging your clothes, keep the ones you want to use more often accessible.


Labels are your best friend! Label all the boxes and containers so it is easier to find and put things back.

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Sort your hanging clothes starting with sleeveless to long sleeves. From white to black. Make sure all the hangers and clothes are facing the same direction.

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Professional Organizer: Di Ter Avest – Di is Organized Photographer: Fabi Maranho Photography


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3 responses to “Home Organization: The Master Closet”

  1. Adrienne McGuire Avatar

    Lovely closet reorganization job! Where did you find those white hangers?

    1. Di is Organized Avatar

      Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks for your question! These white hangers are from IKEA.

    2. Di is Organized Avatar

      They are from IKEA!

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