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Why to hire a Professional Organizer?

There are so many reasons why to hire a professional organizer that I thought I could share some of my thoughts and testimonials with you.

Not long ago, I had a client mentioning that she was reluctant to call for help because it felt like she had failed. The idea of a professional organizer felt like therapy! She was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to fix her home. Do you relate to that?

Even though we are not therapists, we can help our clients with the emotional and mental support. We usually tell our clients that our work is similar to working with a personal trainer for your home. Organizing is something that comes naturally to me and my team and helping people, especially busy and overwhelmed families, makes us happy.

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Why a Professional Organizer?

You are ready to commit to change, but clutter and chaos are keeping you from getting started. Consider talking with us to see how we can best help you. We will design a personalized organizing system that will fit your lifestyle, decor, and budget.

“It really helped to have someone ‘force me’ to set aside time to tackle the project. Di’s knowledge of products available and itemized list of things to buy really helped maximize the time dedicated to the task.” Mallory C.

We work with you through the whole process to give you direction and guidance. Plus we keep you accountable so you can keep working on your goals and maintaining the space organized.

When our clients are in the process of moving or downsizing we help them take the best decisions to get their homes decluttered before putting them on the market.

Sometimes parents get in touch with us to show and teach their younger children or teens that are leaving to college how to organize their rooms or dorms.

My favorite part of using Di’s services is her ability to really listen to our needs and sort life out accordingly. She came up with a plan to organize our abundance of children’s clothing, making laundry and bedtimes so much faster.” Aaron L.

People going through career changes also rely on the help of professional organizers to figure out their next step. We make their everyday lives reflect the people they want to be.

Busy families are our number one clients. As the family grows and change they need different organizations systems and ways to combat the clutter. Having an organized home help families to stay focused on the things that matter the most to them: spend quality time with the ones they love.

“I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get it all done or that it was just “too much” for anyone to help me with. Di made it easy with her kind attitude and ability to work with me and around me as needed – the systems we put in place are still working which I really didn’t think would happen” Ashlene L.

There are so many other reasons why people are hiring home professional organizers. Let’s figure out your reason!


Don’t forget to count on us if you need a private consultation. We can help you figure out what are the best steps to accomplish your home organizing goals. We also create a personalized shopping guide to organize that odd space or your dream pantry. Send us an email or check out our Virtual Organizing Services and Hands-on Services in Baltimore!

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2 responses to “Why to hire a Professional Organizer?”

  1. Elina Brooks Avatar

    Thank you for mentioning that busy families are the most common clients of home organizers since they need help with establishing different organization systems for their growing home and ways to combat the clutter. My kids and I just moved to a new house recently, but since we’re all so busy, we haven’t been able to unpack and declutter properly yet. I’ll take note of this and contact a professional home organization to help us out soon.

    1. Di is Organized Avatar

      Hi Elina,
      Thanks for your comment. Congratulations on the recent move. I love new beginnings.

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