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Diaper Bag Organization

I love containers, bags, baskets, etc.

To organize my kids’ diaper bag it wouldn’t be different from everything I have done before. I looked up on Pinterest for some ideas and here is what I came up with. I used some Packing Envelopes made of PVC to sort all the things I have to have in hand. That makes the diaper bag organized, I never forget what we need, it is easy to fill up with supplies, and can make a change of diaper less stressful when I am out and about.

So now, let me show how I put my “survival kit” together.

This is the kit of bags I got at TJmaxx


I took a minute to think of all the essentials items I would possible need an made some labels. This make things very easy to replace an item we used. It is like a check list.


Here is the system I have been using for over two already. I love how it is easy to find what I want and keeps everything in its place.


I like it so much that I made the same one to a friend and gave her on her baby shower.



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Organize Yourself Healthy Book

2024 edition coming soon!

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