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Small Home Office

One of the reasons we bought the house we live now was the half finished basement.
The room wasn’t big but it had potential and it had to be because, this special room would need to serve as playroom, office and guest room.
In the beginning we didn’t do much, but it is slowly getting shape.
Anyways, I am here today to share with you the small “update” I made to give myself an office. I don’t need much since most of my work is done at the client’s home but I do prepare a lot of activities for the kids and like to have a home for my computer and all my little projects.
The space I had to work with to create my small home office was is about 44” (W) x 26”(D).


I love Ikea and most, if not all, of our furniture is from there. So, with this measurements in hand I searched online for the perfect fit. I got two LACK shelves ($14.99 each), a MICKE desk ($79.99) and a MARIUS stool ($4.99) because the space wouldn’t fit a regular comfortable chair, since it is by the door to the laundry/mud room. Ah! I also got a KVISSLE wall magazine rack ($16.99) to keep my active files and to keep the paper clutter out of the desk.

And there it is: My Home Office!
I am happy to share this update with you all specially because some people believe it would take a long time or they would need to have a big space, or a lot of money to have a nice, working home office. This is one more proof that you don’t. You just need get yourself motivated and do it.
I hope you guys like it as much as I do.
Soon I will share with you all my organization for this space in details. Meanwhile if a home office is your goal for the New Year, I would love to help you with the process of getting one.

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