When I was still pregnant I started to read and clip a lot of articles about pregnancy, nursing, toys, etc… While still in the hospital after the delivery I got so many papers that I didn’t even know what to do with them. {I wanted to keep my hospital room organized}
So, I realized I should have brought a folder/binder with me to the hospital in my bag. I have made my baby a binder to keep all the good information about him. I just didn’t know it would have been good to have it there with me.
I got the idea from Unoriginal Mom via Pinterest and adapted it to my needs.
Here are the contents of it: Information, Documents {Birth Certificate & Social Security Card}, Doctor Visits {Immunization Record}, Articles {Nursing/Parenting}, Play Time,and Miscellaneous.
Other ideas of things to keep in the binder are: Keepsakes, Milestones, Other Health Records, Insurance Paperwork, Nursing/Feeding Info
Material used:
1″ binder {I used one that I already had}
protector sheets
Dividers {I made mine out of scrapbook paper}
Printables I made myself with some Pinterest inspiration
Here is how it turned out. Next time I will remember to bring it the hospital with me =)
baby binder 2
I also gifted a cousin on her baby shower with a baby folder. The idea and the contents are pretty much the same. I just used a file folder instead.
baby binder

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