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Fridge – Cleaned and Organized

Today I will take you through a step by step on how to deep clean and organize your fridge. This kind of organization is usually good to do once or twice a year. So, get ready!

You will need:
– Sponge
– All purpose cleaner
– Dish Soap
– Water
– Vanilla Extract
– Bins, Baskets and Liner are optional
– One to two hours of your valuable time =)

Let’s start with some before pictures.

before fridge 1

Remove everything from the refrigerator and put the items on the kitchen counter top or the table. Remove the shelves and drawers.

empty fridge 1
I cleaned the walls with all purpose cleaner, the shelves and drawers I washed with soap and warm water. One tip that I love is from on of my favorite channels on YouTube “Clean my Space.”  I rubbed a little bit of vanilla extract with a Paper Towel on the wall of the fridge, The aroma in there is great now. Ah! Don’t worry it won’t stain the fridge.

I put the shelves back in another configuration for a fresh look and used shelf liner to make things a little bit prettier =) All the expired food and condiments go to trash. Wipe down every jar and food container before putting it back in your clean refrigerator. I also used some plastic storage from the dollar store for baby food, cheese, and sandwiches.

after fridge 1

It was amazing how much nicer it looks!

after fridge 2


I LOVE this mini refrigerator makeover and I recommend removing everything and starting fresh. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to make things work better in your house. For this organization project we spent less than $5.00. You won’t regret the hour or two you put in to organize your fridge. However, if you feel you can’t do it by yourself, call me and I will be glad to help you =)

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2024 edition coming soon!

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