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Baby Kitchen Cabinet

During my last weeks of pregnancy I felt the urge to organize everything and have everything ready for the baby. That included a dedicated kitchen cabinet to keep bottles, pacifiers, pump, and other items. As you might know if you have visited my site before, we live in a small townhouse in Baltimore. So organization is very important to keep our lives running smooth. So, here is what I did:
We have a cabinet under the microwave where we used to keep appliances, medicine box, etc.
baby pantry
I decided to dedicate this space for the baby because as he grows older he can help getting his own plate, sip cup, snack, etc {that is going to be in a while, I know}. Anyways, this is the space he will have.
The baby things are very small and we always have a little bit more than we need. As we never know how much they will use, I decided to keep all the items contained in baskets.
I got these plastic baskets at the dollar store. They are very colorful, sturdy and easy to clean.
baby pantry1
I used my label maker to make things easier to find. There it is: a very organized, easy to maintain, baby kitchen cabinet. So now we have a basket for: Bottles, Sip cups, Plates and Bowls, Pump, Cleaning tools and Miscellaneous. I also put a 3M hook on the door to keep the bibs.
baby pantry 3
baby pantry 2

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