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Masks bags for kids

Have you ever thought about creating masks bags for kids? With the kids going back to in-person school next week, I figured they would need extra masks to change throughout the day (especially after recess). 

masks bag for kids - Di is Organized - Professional Organizer - Baltimore, MD
Masks bag for kids

I ordered two binder pencil pouches, labeled one pocket for clean masks and the other one for dirty. We attached masks bags to their backpacks using one binder ring.

We will start by sending two extra masks, just in case they need it. This simple system will make things easier for the kids to find their masks and change them when needed. When they get home, I will also know which ones are dirty and wash them.

It is a good idea to add this task to your morning or evening routine for a couple weeks, so you don’t forget to restock them every day.

Watch this quick video to see how I made the masks bags for the kids.


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