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7 Best House plants for rowhouses

We created the best house plants for rowhouses list after our clients asked us for our recommendations since we love incorporating them in our plans.


Most of the rowhouses we have worked in are low in natural light. So, making the most of the light and space available is not a problem when you know what might work in your home. 

We always suggest that our clients add a pot of plant to an area where clutter tends to form. Let’s say a specific location of your kitchen countertop is a paper clutter magnet. After we work together and create a system for your mail, school papers, and others, add a plant to that space so you won’t be tempted to clutter up the newly organized kitchen. 

Below is a list of the plants that do well in my own house! I hope you also enjoy the joy of taking care of them and grow your collection! 


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Organize Yourself Healthy Book

2024 edition coming soon!

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