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Best Products to Organize the Paper Chaos in your Home

If you are here, it is because you want to know what are the best products to organize the paper chaos in your home. Paper Management was the topic of my Facebook Group Baltimore Home Organizing Challenge during the month of January 2018. Many people asked for a list of the products mentioned in the videos and I took the time to put this list together especially for you!


We are not affiliated to any of the brands mentioned on this post, this is just our true opinion about them. To check out the product information, price, etc, click on the images.

Mail Organization


Use baskets like this one from Ikea to store the mail when they get into your home.

Hanging Folders like this acrylic one is great to sort your mail into action files: to read, bills pay, invitations, school assignments, etc. 


For those junk mail, use a Roller Stamp like this from Plus to protect your personal information.


Coupons and Loyalty Cards

An accordion folder like this one found on Amazon is ideal to keep all of your coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards, envelopes, stamps, checkbook, etc.


I love using an App called KeyRing to keep all my loyalty cards saved on my phone, so I don’t need to keep them all in my wallet.

Organize you Bills


Freedom Filer is a system that I often recommend to my clients. It is easy to set up and maintain. 

Magazines, Catalogs, and Newspapers


A wall magazine rack like this one from Ikea is ideal to store magazines, catalogs, and newspaper. Make a commitment with yourself of getting rid of an old issue everytime you get a new one in the mail.

I hope you like these products just as much as I do! Now, it is time to get all those papers in order. Wondering how long you should keep the paper you have around your home? Watch this interview I did with Elizabeth Wittstadt, President of EKW Accounting and Bookkeeping Services on our facebook page Di is Organized.

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  1. craftcartwright Avatar

    I love a bit of organisation #snappedup

  2. Elise Coles Avatar

    This is all great advice that I can’t wait to implement!

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