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5 Packing tips for vacation

I love traveling! I mean, let me start over: I love visiting new places and seeing different things. Flying is not one of the things that I am thrilled about, but I love everything else related to traveling, including packing.

During my Au Pair years, I traveled a lot. I have even traveled by myself to New York, Vegas, Disney World and other places. Here are some pictures of places I visited back then. I love looking at them because they bring me so many good memories.

By traveling a lot, I have learned how to pack efficiently, to plan my outfits to take just the necessary, and to have a good system that works for me.

Nowadays, with two kids of my own, I have traveled with them, by myself, a couple of times to visit my family in Brazil. These trips were a little different. I had to pack more things than we usually need {pack n’ play and tons of diapers}, but I can proudly say I have done it.

Here are some tips to help you pack efficiently. I hope you find them helpful.  Boa Viagem! {Have a safe trip!}

Have a Master checklist – Create a master list with all of the essentials for the whole family. Print them out and put them in a plastic sheet protector. Use dry erase markers to check. Use and reuse the list.

To save you some time we already create a checklist for you and your family.

Lay everything out – Coordinate your outfits. Give preference for those that can be mix and matched. For the kids plan 1.5 outfits per day.

Use pouches – Use separate pouches to organize your clothes.Fold them nicely and make them visible like it was a drawer.

Pre-packed bags – For those who travel with frequency, keep toiletry and charges that you always need, inside your suitcase. You won’t need to re-pack them every time.

Carry-on (carry-all) – When traveling with small kids your carry-on will need to carry all. Think of snacks, toys, books, clothes for you and the kids, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, etc.

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10 responses to “5 Packing tips for vacation”

  1. Wherejogoes Avatar

    Great tips – I keep meaning to keep a packed toiletries bag in my suitcase but I never seem to get round to it – I must do that! #fearlessfamtrav

  2. Leona Avatar

    We love packing cubes that is our best packing tip #fearlessfamtrav

  3. Allison Avatar

    Great tips! It’s amazing how much stuff kids require when we travel. #FearlessFamTrave

  4. thetravelsofmrsb Avatar

    Great tips!

  5. Ariana - World of Travels with Kids Avatar

    These are great Packing tips. Lots of useful ideas to review for our next departure. #FearlessFamTrave

  6. Sarah Avatar

    These are some wonderful tips! I clearly need to get myself some more pouches 🙂

  7. katy@untoldmorsels Avatar

    great tips – I swear by packing cubes. Even my husband admits they are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to travel. Thanks for sharing on #farawayfiles

  8. oregongirlaroundtheworld Avatar

    I always want to be organized like this, but am usually the one washing the clothes the day before and just cramming it in to our hand luggage an hour before we leave! Luckily here in Europe, we usually do city breaks over long weekends. For longer travel I do actually think about it a little more! Thanks for the tips and welcome to #FarawayFiles, Erin

  9. Sharon Avatar

    Great tips! I’m not organized like you (!), but I do love traveling carry-on only, so that requires some planning. I’m actually thinking of getting a new bag today and my top choice looks much like yours. My current 20″ cloth bag is showing wear!

  10. Travelynn Family Avatar

    Great tips! My problem is actually under-packing!

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