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Montessori Inspired Playroom

Do you want to create a Montessori Inspired Playroom on a budget? After becoming a mom I learned about the Montessori philosophy and fell in love with it. I have tried to implement some of what I have learned in my kids’ life to help them grow independent and confident.


A Montessori space is created with the child’s needs in mind. You can implement Montessori Method of Education in every room of your house to involve and engage your child, from any age, to master the skills of daily life like: self-care, house routines, and education. To do so you will need size-appropriate furniture {chairs, table, shelves, etc}, all in the child’s level and easily accessible.

I believe that in our American culture is easy {not very expensive} to get kids toys at any time of the year, with no special occasion needed. That is why many households are overloaded with kids stuff all over the place. To minimize the number of toys your kids have access to is very important so they can focus and really play instead of just making piles and piles of toys on the floor.

I regularly motivate my clients to learn and be consistent about rotating toys. Display a certain number of different toys and learn materials on shelves for every couple of days or so and then rotate them. You should try to include a variety of toys like: sensorial, culture, math, language, practical life activities.

With this thought in mind, I helped a young dedicate mom to set up her son’s playroom. Maddie also has a Youtube Channel called Maddie and True, where I did a collab. You should check it out! I will link the video below.

Anyways, with the tips I give here, you will be able to implement the same concept in your home. I even created a shopping list with the basic items you will need. There are options for any type of budgets.


Let’s get to work!

Purge and Categorize: eliminate or reduce the number of: electronic toys {anything battery operated}, duplicates {if the toy has the same purpose and you have many of them, just keep one}, non-realistic, and not age appropriate {too advanced or too behind}. Divide the leftover toys into categories like fine motor skills, pretend play, arts and crafts, music instruments, and others.

Store/Rotate: to keep a clean environment I suggest doing toy rotation. Store the overflow toys in labeled containers in a nearby closet.

Decorate: make the room inviting to the kids and pretty to the eyes. Add some art to the walls.

Display: showcase your toys in accessible shelves at your kids’ height. This will encourage free play.

Here is a phrase by John Bowman that motivates me to create organized spaces for the little ones: “Young children love doing activities right alongside you. Children seek out and work toward independence whether we help them or not. By involving your child in regular home activities, you can help create your child’s self-image to be that of a competent, confident person.”

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