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Back to school: Arts and Crafts Closet Organization

Closet organization – Timing couldn’t be better for me to share this small make over I did in a closet at my house and maybe inspire you to get a project like this done in time to back to school. 

If you live in Baltimore City (MD), you probably live in a rowhouse. If you live in a rowhouse, you know the struggles to make every single space of your home useful. Finding spaces and organizing them has become my “expertise” since I moved to Baltimore, haha.

When we moved to our house, about two years ago, I knew the potential of every space. Every year we tackle a couple of projects to make our spaces useful to suit our family best.

A couple of months ago it was time for me to turn a small closet in the basement {our multipurpose room} into an arts and crafts closet for the kids. 

This closet is actually where our water meter and water filter are located so this is just a space that hides all the ugly utilities from the finished basement. Anyways, to me it was a waste of space and I knew I could use it better.


This is the space before the project. My husband added some 2×4 to the frame so I could use them as shelves. 


It all started with a nice coat of white paint on the walls. What a difference it made already. Next I used some leftover vinyl flooring from another project and voila!  

This is how I transformed an ugly useless space into a craft closet! Now comes the fun part, organize it =) 

Since it is an utility closet I couldn’t build any permanent system, in case we need to get some work done in there. 

I decided to use this colorful storage cart to store most of the items. There we have: ribbons, craft supplies, learning materials, paint, paper, stickers, markers, etc. 

On top of the cart I have a bin where I put all the daily materials we use for “mommy school”, as my son calls it.   

On the side shelves we have more paint, balloons, learning material, glitter, etc. I use free containers {peanut and lunch meat packages} to organize everything. 


I put some 3M hooks on the wall to hang aprons and the white board my son practices his letters. 

This project was very easy to put together and it makes a huge difference on our routine. I hope you like it!

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