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Kids’ Travel Kit

Even though every store you go to is in back to school supplies mode, SUMMER IS NOT OVER! And that is why I am here, still talking about summer plans and organization like this travel kit I put together for my kids.

Do you still have a long family trip planned? We do! The best part of going on vacation is all the excitement and preparation to go on vacation. Does anybody else agree with that?

Long car rides and flights aren’t much fun for kids though. They get bored, tired, cranky, etc. So, having activities and snacks handy for them are a must in order to make things easy to us parents as well.

I would like to share my “travel kit” with you all and maybe get you inspired to do the same. I get a few new things so they look forward to playing with them and I also pack some of their favorite toys.

For my preschooler boy I like to have: his activity tray, magazines, sticker books, a bingo game {we got it at dollar tree}, magnetic letters {learning while you play is always good}, some cars, portable DVD player and a couple movies.

For my toddler girl I have: magnetic books, pompoms {her favorites}, stickers, coloring book, crayons, figurines, a doll, and a notebook.

I use a basket from dollar tree to keep everything handy and in order.

One activity I like do with them after we get back from vacation is to capture their memories of the trip in a “Vacation Journal”. My son tells me what he enjoyed, I write it down and after that he draws it. It is such a cool keepsake. If you like this idea, you can download the “My 2017 Summer Vacation Memories” here.

I hope you are enjoying your Summer until the last minute!

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