Organize Yourself Healthy Book – 2024 edition coming soon!

  • Create your office in a bag with me!

    Whether you don’t have a dedicated office space in your home or want to work from a remote space such as a coffee shop or the kids’ sports practice, the office in a bag is the best solution for you to keep everything together and take it with you when you’re on the go.

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  • 6 Ikea products that will help you keep your classroom organized

    While classrooms are not part of my expertise, over the years, I have helped many homeschooling parents organize and set up their classrooms, organize their manipulatives, and all sorts of materials.  Parents and educators often want to invest in good quality, budget-friendly items that can be used by different kids multiple times a day. That…

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  • Why is a garage a more overwhelming space to declutter?

    Garages are generally a more overwhelming space to declutter because most people use them as their storage room. We usually keep seasonal decorations, memorabilia, bikes, sports equipment, tools, etc., not even to mention the items we don’t want anymore in the house. Still, we are not ready to let them go. All that combined, plus…

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Organize Yourself Healthy Book

2024 edition coming soon!