I am starting to get excited for the New Year and the idea of making plans again, even though they will be very different from the ones I made a year ago. This time, the difference is that the goals will start small with chances of growing again, and not the other way around . In 2020 we had to just the fine with a slower year than we were anticipating.

I believe that the vision of what is really important and meaningful has changed for many of us. So have our goals and expectations.

This weekend I will take some time to analyze the goals I had for 2020. What I accomplished (or not), and how to move from there.I will do some exercises to get my mindset right for the upcoming year, set my intentions, and think positive about my personal, emotional, social, and professional goals.

Check out below some of the tools I use to organize my mind and schedule

Use a notebook to do a “brain dump”, set goals and affirmations, or even plan your days.

These are my favorite everyday pens, since I was a teenager in Brazil.

Washi masking tape to color-code schedules and activities.

Pens that make you happy to write with. These are great for calligraphy and bullet journaling.

I love these products and recommend them, but most important, use what you have available. Don’t let a colored pen set stop you from planning your best life.


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