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What to do with your donations during quarantine?

You, like many of us nonessential workers, are following the CDC recommendations and sheltering-in-place during the COVID-19 outbreak. It seems to me that one of the top activities during this time, for many families, is to declutter and organize the house. However, what should you do with the items that you would like to donate? 

What to do with your donations during quarantine?

Many of the donation centers are closed, and you are not supposed to leave the house if you don’t have to, anyway. Please, do not just throw away items in the trash, if you think somebody else could use them either. We don’t want to cause bad consequences for our environment! 

Designate a holding area in your home

Clear some space in the basement, garage, or attic to use as your holding area. Use boxes and trash bags to categorize them. You can use a permanent marker to write the destination of the donation: Goodwill, Salvation Army, House of Ruth, Sharebaby, and so one. This way, you will still be able to get the things you don’t want out of sight, and ready to go, when the time comes.

Designate a holding area in your car

Let’s say you live in a small house and finding a holding area in the house is not possible. An alternative is to use the trunk of your car as your holding area. Once we have the green light to get outside again and interact with the world, you will already have all your donations, ready to go.

Mail your donation

Some donate-by-mail organizations are still accepting donations. You can check places like thredupgivebackbox and prison book programs to donate your item. Please remember, even though the mail system is still operating, they might be running on their limit right now, as so many people are ordering food, medicine, and other important items, to avoid getting out of their homes. I recommend using this option if you don’t have another alternative. 

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What to do with your donations during quarantine?

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