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5 tips to make life with a newborn easier

I still remember all the things I did to get ready for my first baby, over 4 years ago now. Today I realize that, sometimes, new parents overthink things. I was no exception! I remember reading every single line of the book “what to expect when you’re expecting”. My husband and I would check what size our baby was by the end of each week, what food was okay to eat, etc.

One thing that hit me hard when I was pregnant, both times, was the urge to get myself and the house ready before the baby was born. I know you might think that is just the way I am! However,  when I was pregnant, I had an urge to nest and get E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G in order. I am so glad I did all I did! Of course, there were some things I wished I had done and wasn’t able to. All I can say is that I tried my best and got it right the second time around. (9)

Let me share with you some tips that could make the difference in your life with a newborn. After all,  I have helped many moms to organize their homes and nurseries in anticipation of their baby’s arrival.

5 tips to make life with a newborn easier

Get the house ready – Use this time to declutter most of the areas of your home. Try to really think through what are the essentials you will need. Some of the baby “essential” items are not really necessary. Organize the nursery with your new routine in mind, and make things easy for people that will be helping you, by labeling everything! That will make things easy to find and everybody will know where to put things back when the loads and loads of laundry are done.

Stock your house – A couple of months before the baby is due. Schedule a trip to a bulk store like BJ’s or Costco to stock your house with toiletries, laundry supplies, batteries, and all the food your family like. This step will help you avoid the last minute run to the grocery store.

Make mealtime easy – Get some one-gallon ziplock bags and prepare some slow cooker freezable meals. This will save you a ton of time! I remember making 14 bags before my first child was born and that was excellent to keep our night routine running smooth. Search for some inspirational recipes on Pinterest, but my very favorite one was chicken alfredo! There is also a website called meal train ( where friends and family can sign up to bring the new parents a dinner meal and visit the baby. You should check it out!

Diaper bag – An organized diaper bag, with a list of the most used items to refill as you go is a must, in my opinion! Nowadays, we barely carry anything with us, but as a new mom, it would be easy for me to pack a small carry-on! I like to make things easy to find in the diaper bag by using some travel packs. You can check out how I do that in this blog post. (BLOG)

Paper – Create a folder to keep track of your doctor visits, copies of your ultrasound, all the articles you might want to clip and keepsakes. You can use a binder or an accordion folder to create some categories. To see how I made mine, check out this post. (BLOG)

I hope your days as a new mom goes well. Don’t forget to sleep when the baby sleeps! LOL (Is it just me that is tired of hearing this advice?)


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