Need some clutter-free gift ideas? You have come to the right place. As a Professional Organizer, I am constantly dealing with people’s belongings. It is not surprising to me that many times the items that they hold onto the most are the gifts they got from a loved one. That is because they don’t want to hurt those people’s feeling, and that is how clutter starts to build up.

Have you ever heard the phrase “less is more” some time in your life? With the holidays around the corner, that is exactly what I had in mind when I decided to create this clutter-free gift ideas list for you. You probably are in the journey of decluttering your home and don’t want more stuff around or just want to gift your loved ones with meaningful experiences. These items won’t only make your holiday shopping easier but also be appreciated by anyone on your list.

Of course, there are good practical gifts {items that people really need}, that is not what I am talking about here today. I just want to get your attention to do not spend your time and money shopping for “stuff” that is cute but will just take up space in someone’s house.

If you are in the process of creating a shopping or your own wishing list, think of providing good memories and stories that everybody will remember for years to come. I have learned to enjoy gifts that don’t create clutter, don’t take valuable space in people’s lives and are useful. Follow below some great ideas and some even greater options if you live in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas. I divided the list into kids, women, and men.

Let’s get to it!


DONATIONS-Even small kids understand that other people and animal need help. You can check with your child how they would like to “save the day”. I am pretty sure they will feel like they have superpowers of some kind. One of the donations options I like the most is the World Wild Life. The kids can choose which animal they want to help to save and for $55 donation they receive a stuffed animal representing the animal they helped to save and a card with information about the animal. 

EXPERIENCES – Give the kids an opportunity to try a new sport, a dance class, music lesson, etc. Here in Baltimore two good places to check out are the YMCA  and Coppermine.

MEMBERSHIPS – Baltimore has so many cool places to take the kids to. I love taking the kids to the Maryland Zoo, Port Discovery, National Aquarium, B&O Railroad. These are great memberships options! They make a great gift especially for little kids (0-2 years old) that don’t really get all this opens presents idea yet. If you are not in the area, you can get something similar in your area, too.

SUBSCRIPTIONS – My son loves his High Five Magazine and looks forward to receiving them in the mail every month. Another subscription idea is Sling TV {especially if you have cut the cable because you, as a new parent, don’t even have time to watch anything anyways}. With the Sling TV kids can watch Nick Jr and Disney Junior at anytime. Ah! Another option is ABC Mouse for preschoolers. It is a great investment! 

GIFT CERTIFICATES – Support local business by giving the kids a gift certificate to their favorite Coffee shop or Ice Cream store. In Baltimore, we highly recommend Play Cafe and Charmery.


DONATIONS – Thinking of asking for a donation in your name to support a special cause? I have a special desire to help other women in need. A well-known charity with an office in Baltimore is Dress for Success. You can make donations in form of clothes and money as well.   

EXPERIENCES – Giving or receiving the gift of experiences is a great opportunity for women to pamper themselves and enjoy some “me time” with something that they have always wanted to do but never get to themselves. Great ideas are massages, pedicure, painting classes, etc. Last year my mother in law gave me a gift certificate to Charm City Skin so I could take a makeup class and it included her to babysit!

MEMBERSHIPS – How about making the woman in your life to have a dedicated “me time” by enjoying herself during a yoga, fitness class or something else that she really loves? Give them a monthly or yearly membership to a great studio or gym. Check out Charm City Fitness, they offer a variety of classes and personal trainers.

SUBSCRIPTIONS – There are so many types of box subscriptions out there that it is hard to do not find something you will love: snacks, clothes, makeup, etc. Not long ago I came across My Garden Box and thought it would be perfect for Christmas gift. You should definitely check it out!

GIFT CERTIFICATES – A better work/life balance is what many of us look for. Having an organized home alleviates the stress and you can focus your time and attention on what matters the most to you. Di is Organized offers a variety of services to achieve anybody’s home organization goals.  You can gift somebody with our gift certificates or put them on your wish list{}


DONATIONS – Following the same idea of helping other people in the area, Sharp Dressed Man is a non-profit organization that fits men in Baltimore with recycled suits to help them get back on their feet and live a better life.

EXPERIENCES – If the men in your life enjoy sports you could give them tickets to watch a baseball in the spring, a football or a college basketball game, etc. You could also give the experience to play a golf tournament, watch a concert, go to a play, etc. I really recommend Orioles gift card and tickets to Centerstage.

MEMBERSHIPS – There are many options for memberships out there that would make many people happy. For those who love doing activities outdoors, a great addition would be a Maryland State Park Passport. The Passport includes an unlimited day-use entry for up to 10 people in a vehicle to Maryland’s state parks; unlimited boat launching at ALL State Park facilities by displaying this pass on your dashboard; and a 10 percent discount on state-operated concession items and boat rentals.

SUBSCRIPTIONS – Electronic subscription to their favorite magazine or newspaper are great. Other ideas are the monthly boxes. For men, the choices are shaving club, clothes, snacks, etc. Do you have a coffee lover on your list? How about a monthly subscription to World’s Best Gift Coffee?

GIFT CERTIFICATES – Gift certificates to car maintenance, detail clean, and again sessions with a Professional Organizer to help them to organize their home office, tools, garage, car, closet, etc. Visit our website to check our package options {}

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