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Closet updates for Fall

Fall is here! Putting together a fashionable look won’t be a big deal with these Tips for closet updates for Fall.

Many of Di is Organized clients schedule sessions monthly or quarterly so we can help them to stay organized. Fall is a great time to swap out the closet and purge the Summer clothes. Check all the clothes you didn’t use or don’t love anymore, etc.

We contacted Fathia Savory, an expert Personal Fashion Stylist, to give us some tips on what to keep and what to add to our closets this season.

Enjoy the reading!

The other seasons aren’t too shabby but, Fall is finally here. Each year, I wait with anticipation for the beautiful rich colors of leaves changing. I love opening my window and smelling the fresh crisp air, and best of all sweater and boot season.

Long sleeve t-shirt + blue jeans (I like skinny and straight leg for my body shape)

You can easily transition your wardrobe to fall by starting off with just a basic white long t-shirt and jeans. From the t-shirt and jeans, you can build several different outfits by adding, layering, or mixing pieces. If you are wondering what to add to your shopping list, here are a few staple items to create or refresh your outfit for fall. Take a look at a few of the pictures below for inspiration to create an effortless fashionable transition wardrobe.

Out in stores and online, you probably have seen some of these top ten color trends according to the Pantone Color Institute. Color can be a little intimidating so this can be used as a guide in helping you play with color this Fall.

If you embrace any color, red is a definite must this season. There are so many shades of red, so have a little fun. If you are not used to wearing color start off small. Include them on your shoes, handbag, or scarf, like I did below.

Hi, I am Fathia Savory. I am a wife, mother, and entrepreneur! I am an emerging stylist, known for my effortless take on fashion. My goal is to provide each client with a personalized experience so they can embrace, embody and enjoy their true self! We provide several styling services such as personal shopping, event styling, complete style evaluation, etc. For more wardrobe tips or to book a consultation, visit


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