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Going Camping

We love going camping!img_4017-1

We don’t do it very often. Usually once a year, in August. But we really enjoy it.

For the past two weeks my son, who is 3 years old, didn’t talk about anything else but going camping.

So, last Friday we decided we were going camping that weekend. However, we couldn’t go for the whole weekend because I had a client Saturday morning and a meeting with an Interior Designer in the early afternoon.

Since we were just going to the Patapsco State Park {if you live in Baltimore you should definitely check it out} that it is less than 30 minutes away from our home, we thought we could do it just for one night and get summer camping crossed out of our bucket list for 2017.

Since we have all of our camping gear organized, packing the car and leaving wouldn’t take too long. In moments like this we can enjoy time together and not be stressed out looking for everything all over the place. Here is how I do it:

IMG_40071- We have a plastic box, that we keep on a shelf in the garage, filled with air mattresses, pump, flashlight, plates, silverware, mugs, picnic blanket and other little things.

2- Next to the box we have folding chairs, the tent, pots and pans easy to access.

3- Inside the house I have an Ikea storage box with extra blankets and linens that we just use when we go camping.

4- The kids summer stuff is already in our Summer bag kit and that should be enough for one night out, no problem.

5- So, the things we need to pack at the last minute are just food and a couple of things for my husband and I.img_4038

My point here is that if you spend some time getting your house organized it will payoff and it will save you tons of time later to do the things you love!

We had a great time hiking along the river, looking at the train tracks, cooking hot dogs and eating s’mores, sleeping in the tent {even though it was very cold over night}, the park even host a nature talk for kids in the afternoon and that day we learned about turtles.

What are the things you want to do and have been putting off because you can’t find what you need or have to get the house organized? Please feel free to download a Summer Bucket List to fill out with all the fun things your family want to do this year.

I hope you all have a great Summer!

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