IMG_5706Spring is here! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE spring. Winter is so hard for me since I grew up in Brazil.
I just learned about spring cleaning after I got married. I know that many people prefer to do anything else but clean and organize. I just love it!
I like to open the windows, let fresh air get in the house, and go room by room cleaning, purging, de-cluttering and reorganizing our belongs. There is just something about all this process that makes me feel good.
Share with me how you feel about spring cleaning. I would love to hear your plans and/or cleaning routines.

I hope you all have a great Spring after all!


Written by Di is Organized

Ola! My name is Di Ter Avest. I was born in Brazil and moved to the USA in 2008. I am a wife, mother and professional organizer. I love all things organized and neat, but I also have a passion for nature, spending time with my beautiful family, cooking and creating all things beautiful on a budget. I am so happy that I am able to share all of my joys on my blog. I am the owner of Di is Organized and I hope you all check out my website. XO!

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