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Keeping my Recipes in Order

3D_Cooknv10_box_500Cook’n Recipe Organizer Software is the new organizing tool I have found and will test it myself. I have seen this software before on but thought it was a little bit pricey. However, this morning when I was checking my Groupon-Goods emails there it was on sale for just $15.00.

I’m very excited with this new product I have just gotten because it will help me to plan our meals.

I downloaded Cook’n to my computer and have already started using it. It seems to be very helpful to plan our weekly menus. This software allows me to search for recipes online and save them, or I can type my own recipes. They have cook books that I can buy and download. To my surprise there is also a book just with Brazilian Recipes.

One more think about Cook’n is that I can choose the recipes for the week and the software makes the grocery list for me.

I’m gonna find out if I can scan the recipes I already have in paper or magazines, what would be very helpful. I was reading on their website that soon they will start to sell apps for Iphones and Ipads and I will be able to sync with the software and recipes on my computer.

So far I would heartily recommend this product to my clients that are having a hard time keeping their recipes organized.

If you want to check this product out go to:

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