Di is Organized got rebranded!

Last March I took a trip to Brazil with my family for 6 weeks. It was a great moment to see all the people we love and relax a little bit. However, for Di is Organized it was the time to get stronger, grow and get a new face.

Last week we announced the changes on our website and logo. I thought that it would be a good time to update everyone on where Di is Organized is going and what you can expect next.

The new Di is Organized logo represents a brighter and simpler tomorrow. The font we chose is simple and elegant. The placement of the pink lines under the company name reflects our approach that organizing is something easy just like a breeze, not complicated at all.

logo tentativa2

So far, some of our clients have already been able to experience and become familiar with the new release, and the comments that we’re receiving are very positive. Thank you to everybody for providing the feedback.

Along with the new face, we’ll be offering new options on how to get organized:

Hands-on Organizing – This is still our most popular option for getting your house and life back in order. This service now includes the hours we spend in your home, referrals to the right products, communication with you by phone or email up to two weeks after the session, arranging appointments with other service providers, taking items to consignment, and taking your donation so you don’t need to worry about it and get results sooner.
One difference is that this service is now sold by the hour like before, with the rate of $65 per hour, but also in packages of 4, 8 and 12 sessions where the client gets discounts on each package.

DIY Plans – For those that like to work on their own but don’t know where to start or just need some ideas of what to buy and motivation to get things going, we now offer a DIY plan.
This service includes a 60-90 minute walk-through in-person (local service area only), a customized plan for your needs within 5 business days and follow up emails after 7 days and 30 days

Virtual Organizing – This service is special for those who are too far (like clients in Brazil) or life is too busy for us to work together. If you’re comfortable using digital tools, we can achieve an amazing amount together through virtual organizing.
This service includes a 60 minute Skype call to determine what types of organization will fit your needs, a collaborative workspace set up for you in Asana.

One new project is that we want to be on social media more often. As right now you can find and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin. Just look for diisorganized in all these platforms to get inspired by our projects, articles and

Let us know what you think. We’re pretty happy with it and hope you are too.

Of course, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, let us know.

Thank you.



Hello Spring!

IMG_5706Spring is here! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE spring. Winter is so hard for me since I grew up in Brazil.
I just learned about spring cleaning after I got married. I know that many people prefer to do anything else but clean and organize. I just love it!
I like to open the windows, let fresh air get in the house, and go room by room cleaning, purging, de-cluttering and reorganizing our belongs. There is just something about all this process that makes me feel good.
Share with me how you feel about spring cleaning. I would love to hear your plans and/or cleaning routines.

I hope you all have a great Spring after all!


Home Office Organization

A couple months ago I shared with you how I got my small home office ready. Today I want to show you how I organize it.


I have two shelves, a desk and a magazine holder to keep all my papers and supplies.


On my the shelves I keep:

– Books: I recently purged my books and I just keep the ones I love and refer to them often. Chances that I will read a book a second time are almost zero.

– Pens and art supplies: I keep them categorized in some mason jars that I already had. I think it looks nice there as well.

– Magazine Folders: In them you will find some of my Storage Magazines (I consult them often to look for inspiration for the perfect system for my clients) and my kids keepsake baby books.

– Binders: I like to use binders to organize some of my business paper work, home schooling activities for the kids, and kids documents.

– Planner: I use an arc system from Staples as my home planner. I like to design my own monthly planner, project tracker, meal planer, expenses tracker, etc.

– Recipes and cookbook: I have two binders where I keep my collage of recipes. One is for my Brazilian recipes and the other one for my recipes in English. I also keep some cookbooks in easy access. However, soon I will have finished transferring most of them to my cook’n app.

– Office Supplies: I have a wooden tea box I painted and decoupaged when I was a teenager that wasn’t been used and now is the home for my office supplies. I love looking at it!

– Decoration: My few decor items are some of my favorites from growing up. It makes me happy to look at them. It is important to put things that we love in use, otherwise what is the point of having them? 


Oh! This is getting long =) Let’s move to my desk.

I like to have a clean space to work, plus my desk is not that big anyways, so I have my computer, and couple decorate items on it.

In the first drawer (the largest one) I like to keep all the papers I am working on, other planners, notebooks, etc. I like this system because it keeps my desktop clean most of the time.
The smallest drawer is the home for some notepads, pens that I use everyday, the charger for my camera, some candies, etc.

In the shelves, behind the door, I keep my extra recipe books, a container with a project that I am working on: right now I have some papers that I need to purge and file.

I also have a wall mounted magazine organized where I keep my active files. I will talk more about active files in details in my next post.

So that is it! This is how I organize my small efficient home office. Here I have most of the important zones an office needs to have: work, filing, planning, office supplies, books, and school zones. We do mail and bill payment in the dining room so these zones are located on our command center area, since there is where we keep all the incoming mail as well.

Here are some more pictures for you to get inspired:

Small Home Office

One of the reasons we bought the house we live now was the half finished basement.
The room wasn’t big but it had potential and it had to be because, this special room would need to serve as playroom, office and guest room.
In the beginning we didn’t do much, but it is slowly getting shape.
Anyways, I am here today to share with you the small “update” I made to give myself an office. I don’t need much since most of my work is done at the client’s home but I do prepare a lot of activities for the kids and like to have a home for my computer and all my little projects.
The space I had to work with to create my small home office was is about 44” (W) x 26”(D).


I love Ikea and most, if not all, of our furniture is from there. So, with this measurements in hand I searched online for the perfect fit. I got two LACK shelves ($14.99 each), a MICKE desk ($79.99) and a MARIUS stool ($4.99) because the space wouldn’t fit a regular comfortable chair, since it is by the door to the laundry/mud room. Ah! I also got a KVISSLE wall magazine rack ($16.99) to keep my active files and to keep the paper clutter out of the desk.

And there it is: My Home Office!
I am happy to share this update with you all specially because some people believe it would take a long time or they would need to have a big space, or a lot of money to have a nice, working home office. This is one more proof that you don’t. You just need get yourself motivated and do it.
I hope you guys like it as much as I do.
Soon I will share with you all my organization for this space in details. Meanwhile if a home office is your goal for the New Year, I would love to help you with the process of getting one.

Diaper Bag Organization

I love containers, bags, baskets, etc.

To organize my kids’ diaper bag it wouldn’t be different from everything I have done before. I looked up on Pinterest for some ideas and here is what I came up with. I used some Packing Envelopes made of PVC to sort all the things I have to have in hand. That makes the diaper bag organized, I never forget what we need, it is easy to fill up with supplies, and can make a change of diaper less stressful when I am out and about.

So now, let me show how I put my “survival kit” together.

This is the kit of bags I got at TJmaxx


I took a minute to think of all the essentials items I would possible need an made some labels. This make things very easy to replace an item we used. It is like a check list.


Here is the system I have been using for over two already. I love how it is easy to find what I want and keeps everything in its place.


I like it so much that I made the same one to a friend and gave her on her baby shower.



Tips on moving

     We moved to our new house in April, 2015. I know it has been a long time since that happened, but since most of my clients look for organizing help when they are in the process of moving, or sometimes they have recently moved, I thought this post would be helpful for many people.
So, I would like to share with you a couple steps that I learned with the process to make things easier:

1) Since you will be touching all the items you own, it is a good idea to declutter/purge before you move. That way, you will bring to your new home just things that you love and know you will use. Separate items that you want to keep, donate or discard. Maybe you can organize a Yard Sale before you move.

2) Don’t forget to label your boxes according to the room they are going to go at the new house. If possible, color code and make a map of the new house, that will help the people are helping you to move to know where things should go.

3) Heavy things should go in small boxes, light things in small ones. Example: books go in a small box. Bedding, pillows go in a big one.

4) Pack most used items last (kitchen and kids stuff in my case), label your box as: Open first!

That is it! Four easy steps that can make a huge difference. Enjoy your new home.If you need help organizing at any time of the process of moving contact me and I will be happy to help you.


Baby Documents Organization

When I was still pregnant I started to read and clip a lot of articles about pregnancy, nursing, toys, etc… While still in the hospital after the delivery I got so many papers that I didn’t even know what to do with them. {I wanted to keep my hospital room organized}
So, I realized I should have brought a folder/binder with me to the hospital in my bag. I have made my baby a binder to keep all the good information about him. I just didn’t know it would have been good to have it there with me.
I got the idea from Unoriginal Mom via Pinterest and adapted it to my needs.
Here are the contents of it: Information, Documents {Birth Certificate & Social Security Card}, Doctor Visits {Immunization Record}, Articles {Nursing/Parenting}, Play Time,and Miscellaneous.
Other ideas of things to keep in the binder are: Keepsakes, Milestones, Other Health Records, Insurance Paperwork, Nursing/Feeding Info
Material used:
1″ binder {I used one that I already had}
protector sheets
Dividers {I made mine out of scrapbook paper}
Printables I made myself with some Pinterest inspiration
Here is how it turned out. Next time I will remember to bring it the hospital with me =)
baby binder 2
I also gifted a cousin on her baby shower with a baby folder. The idea and the contents are pretty much the same. I just used a file folder instead.
baby binder

Fridge – Cleaned and Organized

Today I will take you through a step by step on how to deep clean and organize your fridge. This kind of organization is usually good to do once or twice a year. So, get ready!

You will need:
– Sponge
– All purpose cleaner
– Dish Soap
– Water
– Vanilla Extract
– Bins, Baskets and Liner are optional
– One to two hours of your valuable time =)

Let’s start with some before pictures.

before fridge 1

Remove everything from the refrigerator and put the items on the kitchen counter top or the table. Remove the shelves and drawers.

empty fridge 1
I cleaned the walls with all purpose cleaner, the shelves and drawers I washed with soap and warm water. One tip that I love is from on of my favorite channels on YouTube “Clean my Space.”  I rubbed a little bit of vanilla extract with a Paper Towel on the wall of the fridge, The aroma in there is great now. Ah! Don’t worry it won’t stain the fridge.

I put the shelves back in another configuration for a fresh look and used shelf liner to make things a little bit prettier =) All the expired food and condiments go to trash. Wipe down every jar and food container before putting it back in your clean refrigerator. I also used some plastic storage from the dollar store for baby food, cheese, and sandwiches.

after fridge 1

It was amazing how much nicer it looks!

after fridge 2


I LOVE this mini refrigerator makeover and I recommend removing everything and starting fresh. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to make things work better in your house. For this organization project we spent less than $5.00. You won’t regret the hour or two you put in to organize your fridge. However, if you feel you can’t do it by yourself, call me and I will be glad to help you =)

Baby Kitchen Cabinet

During my last weeks of pregnancy I felt the urge to organize everything and have everything ready for the baby. That included a dedicated kitchen cabinet to keep bottles, pacifiers, pump, and other items. As you might know if you have visited my site before, we live in a small townhouse in Baltimore. So organization is very important to keep our lives running smooth. So, here is what I did:
We have a cabinet under the microwave where we used to keep appliances, medicine box, etc.
baby pantry
I decided to dedicate this space for the baby because as he grows older he can help getting his own plate, sip cup, snack, etc {that is going to be in a while, I know}. Anyways, this is the space he will have.
The baby things are very small and we always have a little bit more than we need. As we never know how much they will use, I decided to keep all the items contained in baskets.
I got these plastic baskets at the dollar store. They are very colorful, sturdy and easy to clean.
baby pantry1
I used my label maker to make things easier to find. There it is: a very organized, easy to maintain, baby kitchen cabinet. So now we have a basket for: Bottles, Sip cups, Plates and Bowls, Pump, Cleaning tools and Miscellaneous. I also put a 3M hook on the door to keep the bibs.
baby pantry 3
baby pantry 2

I am a Mommy!

i am a mommy

So, erhm – long time, no write? Long story short, 2013 was a great year for me. As you know, in the beginning of the year I started my own business as a professional organizer. In April I found out I was pregnant and things started to get busier.

I worked very carefully with all my clients organizing: kitchens, closets, home offices, master and guest bedrooms, laundry rooms, living rooms, linen closets, packing and unpacking for travels, etc. As I said it was great and I managed to work until I was 34 weeks pregnant.

My son was born on December the 20th. He was my perfect Christmas present {I am a very happy mommy!}

Now that he is getting a little bit older, I am looking forward to getting back to work {even though it is going to be difficult for me to leave him for a couple hours}. It is time to start new projects, see old clients, meet new ones, blog more and do what I like most: to organize! {don’t be surprised if I come up with a bunch of posts of how to organize baby stuff}

Lets get back to work!