Organize Yourself Healthy Book – 2024 edition coming soon!

Lisa W. (Ruxton, MD)


“Di took an overwhelming situation and literally (and figuratively), lifted the responsibility off of my shoulders. We needed to put a second home on the market that had 5 years of accumulated “stuff” that needed to be donated to different organizations (including two-bedroom sets), transferred to our primary home, or disposed of properly and responsibly. I didn’t even know where to begin. I work full time and live an hour from work and an hour from the second home. Once I transferred personal items to our primary residence, Di took it from there and I didn’t have to do a single thing! She works quickly, efficiently, and is worth every incredibly reasonable dime! I felt very guilty not handling this project myself, but Di WANTS to help you and makes you feel so comfortable. She very much has a “leave it to me and let me take the stress off of you” attitude. She is a beautiful soul inside and out who is incredibly kind. You will love her and you will love any services Di Is Organized performs for you. I cannot stress enough how reasonable her rates are as well!”